Unsolicited quotes from satisfied users

"It is not often that you find a small tool that can revolutionize your workday."
Mikael Lindberg, Netch Technologies AB

"Whenever I open up the right menu and see the TortoiseCVS extension a smile comes over my face."
Nicklas Norling

"It's like Christmas every time I install a new version."
Matt Plaumann

"TortoiseCVS is the best revision-control system I've used. It beats the pants off the expensive commercial solutions we tried, and you can't beat the price!"
Ian Dees

"This rocks so hard, all other CVS shells rot compared to this. You make it too easy!"
Nik Martin

"We just completed our Software Project at university. We started out using WinCVS which made our lives very difficult and most of the teams ended up hating CVS due to that. When a friend recommended tortoise, I could not believe how easy this made things for us. For the later half of our project, people actually started enjoying using CVS and our CVS activity had gone up to about 95% as compared to 10% before TortoiseCVS. Integration into the Windows explorer is the best idea ever. I now recommend this software to anyone who asks about CVS tools."
Arun Acharya

"This extension is brilliant and so useful I'm becoming addicted."
Jonas Beckman

"Our whole company uses TortoiseCVS on a day to day basis. It is so easy and efficient that even our CEO uses it!"
Florian Clever <fclever@verinform.com>

"I just downloaded and installed TortoiseCVS for the first time (I've used WinCVS for years). It's awesome -- I love it! Please keep up the good work."
Gregory S. Woodward <greg.woodward@blueiguana.com>

"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that our development teams now use TortoiseCVS exclusively for version management. Its stable, reliable, incredibly easy to use and an absolute requirement for any developers!"
Evan Davey <evandavey@optushome.com.au>

"I wanted to say that I was blown away by TortoiseCVS from the moment I finished the install. I was amazed how easy it was to setup and how much easier it is to use. And the icon overlays left me speechless. TortoiseCVS is no doubt the best Win32 CVS!"
Kirby Turner <kirby@thecave.com>

"Hello! Just dropping you a line to express my sincere gratitude for your work on TortoiseCVS. I'm feeling much more at home with it than WinCVS, and both your design goals and the execution of them are excellent. Please be encouraged to continue this development!"
Matthew Saunders <matzie@squarerainbow.net>

"TortoiseCVS is the most convenient Win32 CVS client around."

"Just wanted to say thanks very much for a super program. I have over 20 active consultants now using this client and I find it by far and away the best cvs client out there."
Eoin Lane <eoin.lane@valtech.co.uk>

"It's a very useful program if you are stuck doing development on a Windows box. I like my guis as unobtrusive as possible and TortoiseCVS is the king in that realm."
Douglas Seifert <doug@cacas.org>

Baron Schwartz

"I am implementing CVS at work, and your app has basically removed the 'pain barrier' for our windows users..thanks!"
Tyson Lloyd Thwaites