People and companies who have contributed to TortoiseCVS

This might be useful when you want to find out whom to ask about something, or you're navigating round the source. The list is in reverse chronological order of first contribution. Send a patch or do something cool to see your name glowing at the top of the list ;)

Thanks to all the beta testers and users whose contribution is invaluable, and who are too numerous to keep track of here.

Gabriel Genellina - Support for Visual Studio 2008

Stephane Martin - French translation

AOE GmbH - €500 donation to Oxfam

Ilya Slobodin - Commit dialog patch

Gottfried Ganssauge - Windows Vista patch

Nick Buse - Various bug fixing patches

March Hare - 64-bit development system

Guru Kathiresan - Improved treelist control

Adam Strzelecki - Better looking icons

Vladimír Kloz - Czech translation

Vladimir Serdyuk - Russian User Guide

March Hare - Repository browser, bug number support, edit dialog

Juan Diego Gutiérrez Gallardo - Spanish translation

Bruno Jouhier - 64-bit Windows port

Syed Asif - New website design

Friedrich Brunzema - Warn on empty commit comment patch

Jordan Ilchev - Default icons

Lee Jae-Hong, Kwon Tai-in - Korean translation

Simon Elén - Automatic use of Unix line endings patch

Rex Tsai - Traditional Chinese translation

Leszek Tomanek - Polish translation

Flávio Etrusco - Portuguese translation

David Pinelo - Spanish translation

Nikolay Ponomarenko - Russian translation

Alexandre Ratti - French translation

Frank Fesevur - Dutch translation

Liao Bin - Chinese translation

Keith D. Zimmerman - History dialog patch

Frank Listing - Revision Graph improvements

Stephane Lajoie - mingw32 compilation

Jason Mills - Make New Module edit module path patch

Radoslav Paskalev - rcsinfo patch

Hartmut Honisch ( - dialog patches, many bug fixes, lots of new features

Alan Dabiri - persistent dialog size patch, various bug fixes and improvements

Stefan Hoffmeister ( - Borland compilation, bug fix, CVS property page improvements

Armin Müller - TortoiseRegistry patch

Joakim Beijar - SSPI encryption patch

Matt Powers - CVS property page improvements (this code has now been moved to the history dialog)

Georgi Beloev - Make new module patch

Juan Carlos Arevalo-Baeza - Various bug fixing patches

Geoff Beier ( - Improved SSH support

Andy Hird ( - CVS columns in Explorer detailed list view

Martin Crawford (musicstar) - Project management, domain name, various patches

Torsten Martinsen (bullestock) - Project maintainer and release manager. Lock, watch and edit commands. History and Revision Graph dialogs.

Nathan Thomas - Charlie Vernon Smythe logo and icon

Jon Rowlands ( - CVS property page, context menu in directory background

Ian Dees ( - cvs.exe pipe code prototype, Borland compilation, various bug fixes

Didier Trosset-Moreau (dtrosset, - Win32 native user interface (not used now, but provoked me to migrate from GTK to wxWindows)

Ben Campbell (bcampbell, - Branching, tagging and merging, menu config file, various user interface improvements and bug fixes

Francis Irving (frabcus, firving or cbuilder, - Project founder (no longer active), original code, Visual C++ and mingw32 compilation

For more details, check out the change log. Have fun developing!