The community edition of TortoiseCVS is no longer being maintained

If you want to use TortoiseCVS on Windows 8 or 10, your best bet is to try out the version maintained by March Hare.

Older downloads

TortoiseCVS works under Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and 2003. Vista and Windows 7 is also supported, although some people report problems with UAC.

Stable (for deployment), Windows 2000 and later - TortoiseCVS-1.12.5.exe - 24th January 2011
Release announcement, including list of major changes

Older release for Windows 98 and NT4 - TortoiseCVS-1.8.32.exe - 5.84 MB - 26th February 2008

Release Candidate of next stable version (for testing) - TortoiseCVS 1.12.6 RC1 - 9th August 2012

Please also visit our SourceForge project homepage for the most recent releases.

Quick installation: Run the download executable to install. You should read the FAQ for information on icon overlays for NT/95.

Change log: You can read the change log here: stable branch and unstable branch. For the very latest changes, you'll have to get a version from CVS and compile it yourself (see development), or try the test release as described below.

Release schedule: TortoiseCVS releases come in two flavours: Stable and Unstable.

In Stable releases, only important bug fixes are applied - no major new features are introduced. In the Unstable line of development, new (perhaps experimental) features are added. Once the new features have been deemed stable, they are migrated to the Stable line of development.

Stable releases are numbered x.y.z, where y is an even number - e.g. 1.0.0. For Unstable releases, y is an odd number - e.g. 1.1.0. We recommend that you use a Stable version in production environments (but please test out the Unstable releases if you have the opportunity).

If you are feeling adventurous, you might also want to try out the current test release.

DISCLAIMER: Like most software (even software that you pay for), TortoiseCVS comes with no warranty. Only you are responsible for any loss of data. Saying that, the developers use it every day with valuable data, and have had no problems which might cause loss of data.